Blade of Transparency

The invisible sword

weapon (melee)

+2 to stealth checks
-2 to hit

Sword must remain clean to be invisible. If blade has blood or other debris on it then all above stats are normal at 0 bonus to stealth checks, and normal hit. The only item you may clean the blade with is the Vlad Cloth.

  • Attack:* 2D6

Worth: 1000 GP
Value: Uncommon
Weight: 15 GP
Reach: 10 Ft


_ A metallic steel hilt encrusted with a solid blue gem is the only part of this sword you can see. The blade, completely invisible while it’s clean, has a length of sixteen inches from tip to base. Although this sword is useful in many aspects, it can be tricky to handle in novice hands. The first Blade of Transparency was crafted by an Assassin named Vlad Kreesh as a way of sneaking a sword into King Wyatt’s Kingdom where he assassinated him with the sword in a public ceremony. Vlad was arrested but later escaped the custody of the Notch Kingdom before his execution day. Vlad returned East and began crafting several blades to distribute to his cult of rebellion followers as they begin to plan an overthrow of the Notch Kingdom once and for all. The original Blade of Transparency that was left in the Notch Kingdom was analyzed and roughly duplicated by the Notch Kingdom armories circulating thousands of poor quality blades into existence. The solid blue gem that is encrusted into the hilt is said to be the source of magic but what the gem is, is unknown._

Blade of Transparency

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