Cloak of Solitude

A powerful magic cloak


To activate this cloak pull the hood over your head. To pull the hood requires a minor action. Once activated roll 1D4 to determine its effects. The cloak has 1 daily charge and can only be used once daily .

1 = Invisible until hood is removed.
2 = +20 to Hit Points for 1 day
3 = +40 to Hit Points for 1 day
4 = +50 to Hit Points for 1 day and invisible until hood is removed

The cloak has the following bonuses even while not activated:

  • Advantage on all rolls
  • Attacker has Disadvantage on all rolls
  • Max movement increased by 20 feet.

Worth: Priceless
Value: Epic/Wondrous
Weight: 0 GP


This grey and black cloak is stitched from the burned skins of every color dragon that was known to existence thousands of years ago. The Cloak of Solitude was rumored to be a myth until recently confirmed by archeologist, Richard Graham, whom discovered it while excavating a recovered lost temple. The cloak was stored in a maximum-security vault that was said to be impenetrable until it was raided and the cloak, along with other wondrous items, was stolen. The cloak itself is priceless based on the number of magic abilities it possesses including invisibility. An unlisted reward is offered for its safe return in the city of Kirmike.

Cloak of Solitude

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