Elemental Storm

A one of a kind multi-elemental sword

weapon (melee)


One handed sword.
1 = Regular hit no elemental damage but deals 1 Damage.
2 = Wind knock-back 2 Damage plus the foe is moved back 50 feet by a crushing blow of wind
3 = Poison Damage dealing 3 damage plus foe is poisoned by a venomous toxin
4 = Fire Damage dealing 4 damage plus foe is on fire from a flaming swirl.

Worth: Priceless
Value: Epic/Wondrous
Weight: 15 GP
Range: 10 Feet


While trying to cast a perfect storm a dark wizard accidentally concocted a remarkable sword that deals out different elemental type damage. The Dark Wizard became so fascinated with his creation that he tirelessly tried to create a twin blade but failed time after time. Eventually the dark wizard grew too old to continue his efforts and had the sword hidden away in an unknown location to prevent anyone else from enjoying its abilities.

Elemental Storm

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