Goblet of Truths

A cursed goblet


When any liquid is consumed from this goblet, the consumer is unable to keep their secrets to themselves. The effects last for one day.

Worth: Priceless
Value: Epic/wondrous
Weight: 10 GP


Originally designed by King Chiles Torman for his wife Vanessa as a wedding gift, this goblet is silver, gold, and encrusted with one of each type of gem known to existence. King Torman eventually suspected his wife of having an affair with the jester and had the goblet cursed with a spell so that whomever drank from it was unable to keep secrets to themselves and unwillingly spoke freely of only truthful statements. Queen Torman, unsuspecting of the spell, drank from the cup during a private dinner with her husband and immediately started spilling secrets that she had kept to herself for so long. Queen Torman rattled off secret after secret and when King Torman questioned her about her loyalty to him she screamed her love for him and King Torman was rejoiced that she had not had an affair. Queen Torman continued on telling more and more secrets and was about to reveal her darkest one yet. But before she could speak she grabbed a dinner knife from the table and cut out her own tongue. King Torman was traumatized and had his guards lock her away in a tower cell until he could figure out a way to remove the spell. After finding out the spell wore off in a day he rushed to the tower cell and found his wife hanged from her cell with the words “I killed our sons” scratched into the stonewalls from her fingernails. King Torman, filled with guilt, then leapt to his death out of the tower window.

Goblet of Truths

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