Heavens Right Hand

weapon (melee)

Two Handed Sword

Gives advantage on all undead, and evil class monsters.
Can’t be destroyed
Can’t be held by anyone with less than good class alignment.
+5 damage to all Evil Class Monsters
+1 to Armor Class
+10 Feet to movement
Glows a pulsating white glow at all times.
-5 to stealth


Worth: Priceless
Value: Epic/Wondrous
Weight: 150 GP
Reach: 10 feet


Long ago when Heaven and Hell were at war on our plains, a great victory was set in motion for one of Hells commanding armies. Just as Hells army was about to seize a mortal, but very important King and key piece to the war, a sword fell from the heavens and impaled the leading General of the invading battalion. The King, King Roben, lived on and established a new Capital for his Kingdom centered around where the sword had struck and forged its way into the ground. The Fury Kingdom still exists to this day, as the sword rest in the very spot it fell, as a holy symbol. Some say the sword is the only thing that prevented Hells consumption of our world. King Roben the Thirteenth carries on the legacy and tradition of protecting the sword refusing to let anyone touch it. Not even himself.

Heavens Right Hand

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