Holy Slayer

The Dark Lords Sidearm.

weapon (melee)

Gives advantage on all monsters with a good or better alignment
Can’t be destroyed (rumored)
Can’t be held by anyone other than those with evil alignments.
+5 damage to all monsters with a good or better alignment
+1 to Armor Class
+10 Feet to movement
Glows a pulsating red glow at all times.
-5 to stealth


Worth: Priceless
Value: Epic/Wondrous
Weight: 150 GP
Reach: 10 feet


Rumored to be made from pure evil and the souls of countless virgins this sword was forged by the Devils personal blacksmith in the bowels of Hell as a weapon for the dark lord himself. This sword pulsates red energy and glows a solid red whenever someone or something with a divine spirit is close. Its said to be indestructible and is hidden in a place where no mortal would ever venture, guarded by holy spirits to prevent unholy ones from ever grasping it again.

Holy Slayer

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