Magic Lamp

Rub Rub Rub.


This magic lamp will summon a genie one time, which will grant you three wishes from the following list. To use this lamp you must you a minor action. To determine what wishes you receive roll 3D20. Using this lamp will vanish the genie forever and brings the value of the lamp down to 5GP, unless you can trick someone into buying a worthless lamp for more….

1: plus 1 Gold Coin
2: plus 100 Gold Coins
3: Fire Resistant for 1 day
4: Grants 200 XP to you and each member of your party
5: Increases your armor class by 5 for 1 day
6: Poison Resistant for the next 1 day
7: Vendor prices reduced by 50% for 1 day
8: plus 1000 Gold Coins
9: Experience points doubled for next monster slain
10: Invisible for the next 1 day
11: Improves initiative by 20 for 1 day
12: Improves speed by 50 feet next 5 turns
13: Improves speed by 50 feet for 1 day
14: Plus 2000 Gold Coins
15: Experience Points doubled for 1 day
16: Improves strength by 5 for 1 day
17: Improves Intelligence and wisdom by 5 for 1 day
18: Decreases all creature hit points by half for 1 day
19: Increases Damage by 100% for 1 day
20: Plus 10 Hit Points permanently added and allows another wish.

Unused Worth: 20,000 GP
Used Worth: 5GP
Value: Epic
Weight: 5GP


A mysterious lamp that appears to hold some sort of magic abilities.

Magic Lamp

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