Serpent Staff

Also known as the staff of snakes


Advantage against tiny, small, medium snakes.
+2 initiative against tiny, small, medium snakes.
Tiny and small snakes won’t attack the holder of the staff.
Large snakes won’t attack the holder of the staff until being attacked.

Worth: 7,000 GP
Value: Epic/Wondrous
Weight: 10 GP


It is said that a wizard, so obsessed with trying to control dragons, crafted a staff he thought would do the trick. The Wizard tested his staff against snakes and was able to control them enough not to bite him. The Wizard, pleased with his work, and an inpatient man, set out into a dragon’s den to finally test the staff once and for all. Upon waving the staff at a ferocious dragon he was soon engulfed in flames as the dragon hardly moved from it’s resting place. The Wizard died but the staff remained until a treasure hunter, years later, encountered the staff in the long abandoned Dragons den. The staff remains always changing ownership to this day and still burnt into the shaft are the wizards grasping handprints.

Serpent Staff

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