Solomon's Cloak of Invisibility

Cloak that turns the wearer invisible


To activate this cloak pull the hood over your head. To pull the hood over your head requires a minor action.

Roll 1D10 to determine how many rounds the cloak will last.
1 equals 1 turn, 2 equals 2 turns, 3 equals 3 turns and so on.

The cloak has 3 daily charges so it may be used 3 times in one day.

When activated you are completely invisible and can not be seen. You have an advantage on initiative rolls, and stealth rolls. Attacking foes have a disadvantage on to hit rolls.

Worth: 20,000 GP
Value: Epic/Wondrous
Weight 10 GP


Solomon was a paranoid Wizard who thought everyone and everything was out to kill and or capture him. During the time of his existence he became so paranoid he seldom left his isolated home. Eventually Solomon realized he must leave to gather supplies and goods to live so he invented a cloak that when draped over him, would turn him invisible to the naked eye. The Wizard made the cloak from magic cloth said to be a combination from a Mimics tongue and black dragon skin. The cloak had temporary effects and that would only last temporarily. In his quest to discover the key ingredient to have the cloak permanently make him invisible he ventured into unknown territory where the cloaks effects wore off and he was ironically captured and killed when royal guards mistook him for a demon.

Solomon's Cloak of Invisibility

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