Xonotrips Staff

Also known as the staff of Vitality


Attacker takes damage of 2 every time they land a hit.
The bearer gains +2 hit points every time a successful hit is landed on them.
The bearer gains 1 hit point at the start of their turn
The bearer gains 5 hit points to total hit points while holding the staff.


Worth: Priceless
Value: Epic/wondrous
Weight: 20 GP



Crafted in wood from a once magic tree, this staff was once the possession of a Dark Elf King named Xonotrip. The Staff was carried with him everyday until his death where it was then buried with him. After hearing that the staff absorbs life from its victims, and gives its brandisher greater vitality, the staff was then stolen from Xonotrips resting place by gravediggers. The staff itself became a highly sought after treasure and many lives were lost in search of it as it constantly was changing ownership. Some say the staff was destroyed while battling over it, and others say it was locked away and guarded by powerful and fierce creatures. To this day it remains one of the most sought after and talked about treasures.

Xonotrips Staff

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