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  • Broad Of Scales

    Not to be confused with the Scales Broadsword, this blade is the favorite amongst Lizard-Folk whom craft their own when reaching their age to hunt. The handle is made of skin and bone from their first victim.

  • Elemental Storm

    While trying to cast a perfect storm a dark wizard accidentally concocted a remarkable sword that deals out different elemental type damage. The Dark Wizard became so fascinated with his creation that he tirelessly tried to create a twin blade but failed …

  • Heavens Right Hand

    Long ago when Heaven and Hell were at war on our plains, a great victory was set in motion for one of Hells commanding armies. Just as Hells army was about to seize a mortal, but very important King and key piece to the war, a sword fell from the heavens …

  • Holy Slayer

    Rumored to be made from pure evil and the souls of countless virgins this sword was forged by the Devils personal blacksmith in the bowels of Hell as a weapon for the dark lord himself. This sword pulsates red energy and glows a solid red whenever someone …

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