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Welcome to My World of Dungeons & Dragons!

10985370_10152921566184667_5000741412311543676_n.jpg I’m very new to Dungeon Mastering, in fact I’m very new to Dungeons & Dragons, and if you want to take it a step further, I’m also new to role playing games. My name is Paul and I’m 26 years old and currently play D&D 5TH Edition with my girlfriend Ariel and some close friends in the Knoxville area of Tennessee. I’ve always been intrigued about D&D but became dedicatedly interested when I met Ariel in April 2015 and discovered she knew how to play. I’ve sense invested my free time learning the ropes and making what I personally believe are awesome custom maps, buildings, and items. I’m a very visual person and that follows me into my campaigns as I tend to use 3-D buildings, foliage, tiles, and of course miniatures. I often use paper handouts to simulate letters, scrolls, and other readable material to help bring the story to life.

My campaigns involve deep character development, critical thinking, puzzles, plot twists, and communications. I don’t believe that player characters actions should stop at the tabletop so I also like to have my players continue evolving their characters outside of the table by setting specific times to interact with me via social networks and or mobile devices to gain experience points, gold and or items by describing what their character is doing in their downtime. Players should feel like they are in total control of their character at all times, even when not at the table. Every action has a negative and positive reaction and players should help create the story as much as play in it. The more interesting or detailed background a character has, the more interesting and detailed the story will get. I encourage ideas, and full exploration of the world I’ve set in motion and encourage the same notion to you within this Wiki. Explore everything I’ve laid out, as well as contribute ideas I could use. Let us build a world together!

-DM Paul

About the DM

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